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This is called top-3 accuracy. See,, Sure, you can use it. Whether top-1 accuracy or top-3 accuracy is better correlated with user satisfaction will depend on your particular application and on your users.


It is equivalent to $$\bigwedge_{k=1}^{N} \bigvee_{i_k=1}^{M} x_{i_k k}.$$ This is a much simpler expression: $NM$ terms instead of $M^N$ terms, if you expand everything out.


One possible approach to solve this problem is as follows:- (1) Create a trie of the dictionary for fast matching. (2) Create a recursive function that does the following:- (a) Finds all possible prefixes of the current string that are present in the dictionary. (b) Calls itself recursively with those prefixes removed Example:- Word:- keyboardrocks ...

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