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Finding the Point with Maximum Distance from the Boundary of a Closed Polygon in 2D Euclidean Space

The medial axis is the set of points in the interior of the shape that has two closest points on the boundary. Intuitively, the largest "incircle" in a polygon must touch the boundary at at ...
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Efficient algorithm for finding a point P with the highest winding number

Yes, you can "break down each segment at each crossing point", and then you'll get a Planar Subdivision or Planar straight-line graph. All the edges of this graph will be oriented according ...
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Minimum stabbing problem for a set of convex polygons

As others have pointed out, the problem is NP-hard. The best we can expect in this case is an approximation algorithm. Set-Cover is a natural choice for this. But the main hurdle here is that the ...
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