Note: In what follows, I'm going to use the term "B-tree" to refer to the general idea of B-trees regardless of the variant, and "B+-trees" to refer specifically to B+-trees. You've correctly identified a real-word complication of using B-trees to index strings: B-trees are page-structured files, but strings are of arbitrary length. This ...


The classical reference on NP-completeness is Garey and Johnson's Computers and Intractability, which contains a compendium of over 300 NP-complete problems, with links to papers proving their NP-hardness. The only downside is that the book is quite old, dating from 1979.


The problem is known as the Generalized TSP problem.


It's somewhat misleading to say that linear types don't prevent anything in 'pure' systems, because some things that are not considered pure become so when restricted with linear types. An example would be Fillinski's Linear Continuations. Normally, control operators are considered effectful, and results are non-deterministic depending on evaluation order. ...


The brain works as a hierarchical distributed network of networks (hence heuristics). We attach meaning and prototype of objects as abstract concept. DNN was created to reconstruct images using fMRI. But this is not the whole story, you have to know three additional things to make a connection. Various networks or blending functions are individual on person ...

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