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Number of graphs that almost contain a $k$-clique

It is easy to see that for $k = 2$ the only graph almost containing $k$-clique is an empty graph $nK_1$. I don't have a proof, but I guess, that $\#G(n, 3)$ is exponential. Also the number $\#G(n, 3)$ ...
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Finding an $st$-path in a planar graph which is adjacent to the fewest number of faces

First off, note that this problem is only well-specified for a given planar embedding (or plane graph) of the planar graph, the planar graph itself is not enough as it doesn't encode which vertices ...
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The Hydra Game algorithm

Glad it's not just me facing the same problem. I also cannot reproduce the expected value of 938038. The algorithm is definitely unclear. I have tried 4 variants of what I think the algorithm could be ...
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The Hydra Game algorithm

One thing I have noticed is that the question asker assumed "right-most" meant the "last" leaf on the level with the most leaves, and the other answers here have assumed "...
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The Hydra Game algorithm

This is my mediocre attempt to write a program that solves the problem ...
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The Hydra Game algorithm

The problem is in the line: i = hydra.index(max(hydra)) Running the code and printing: print(hydra, i, step) gives us this: <...
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