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Complexity of satisfiability for relational logic on the booleans

In NP I could guess the disjunctive normal form of the formulas, that would look like $\bigwedge_i R_i(x_1^i, \ldots, x_{n(i)}^i) \land \bigwedge_j \lnot R_j(x_1^j, \ldots, x_{m(j)}^j)$ The question ...
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Why isn't SAT in coNP?

Three years late to the thread but here's another from a Turing Machine perspective: Defining NP with NTMs and showing that certificate/verifier implies membership of NP We define $NP$ as the set of ...
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Complexity of satisfiability for relational logic on the booleans

Nothing much changes. Every relation $R(x_1,\dots,x_n)$ is equivalent to $\exists t_1,\dots,t_m . \varphi(x_1,\dots,x_n,t_1,\dots,t_m)$ for some fresh variables $t_1,\dots,t_m$ (see the Tseitin ...
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Prove NP-completeness of deciding satisfiability of monotone boolean formula

IMO, it is intuitive to reduce Vertex-Cover to the problem that you are describing (which will show that the problem you are describing is at least as hard as Vertex-Cover). At the core of the problem ...
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Are there any open source SAT solvers with UNSAT core extraction algorithm built in?

Minisat and Z3 have the same hack to extract unsat cores. I found the Z3 example easy to understand. The link is here: There are ...
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