TL;DR: They differ in their basic input and output. SAT and SMT solvers don't know what programs are; they are tools that answer yes or no questions about mathematical formulas. Symbolic execution, on the other hand, is a method of analyzing programs. Symbolic execution usually relies on SAT and SMT solvers, but not the other way around. SAT and SMT solvers ...


Some SAT solvers and SMT solvers offer an interface that lets you push clauses, and then later pop/retract them and push some new ones. You could explore to see whether this offers a speedup in your situation. There are no guarantees, and the only way to tell is to try it.


I don't see any gap in your understanding. What you wrote looks correct to me. Perhaps the author meant to use the property $P := c \le n+1 \land n \ge 1$. I think with that modification, $P$ becomes 1-inductive but not 0-inductive. I suspect the author was looking for a simple example of a property that is 1-inductive but not 0-inductive, and missed a ...

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