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fixed-size node Pseudonym has almost convinced me that it's not possible to store such a tree with only 4 extra bits per node. Here's one way to store it with a fixed overhead of 5 extra bits per node: 3 bits to indicate this node's position relative to its parent 1 bit to indicate whether or not it is a leaf (i.e., whether or not it has any children) 1 bit ...


The basic concepts without gates goes under Operating Systems course, and with gates, clocks etc. goes under Digital Logic Design or (mostly) Microprocessors as I experienced.


I don't think these things are usually treated as a single topic in either research or education, but there are quite a few adjacent topics that are relevant. I'll list some here, starting with... I/O-complexity One perspective on the algorithmic analysis of computer storage, memory and caches is the field of I/O-complexity or external memory algorithms. ...


The subject you're describing often goes under the names computer architecture, computer systems, computer organization and design, and the like. One example is Elements of computing systems, based on a course From Nand to Tetris originating in the Hebrew University. The Amazon page on the book links to other popular textbooks on the topic. Generally ...

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