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Looking at your code, I think you may be looking for model-based testing. In model-based testing, you create a model: an explicit declarative specification of the behavior expected from your system. This is what your line StateMachine<Human> fsm = StateMachineBuilder.create(Human.class) .from(Human.UNBORN).to(Human.BORN).to(Human.DEAD,...


This problem is call "$X$-satuated bipartite matching" or Hall's marriage problem, which is discussed at here on Wikipedia. Consider each item as a woman. Each bag is a man. If item $a$ is allowed to be placed in bag $x$, it means woman $a$ and man $x$ can be married happily. Only one item can go in each bag corresponds to the assumption of monogamy, a man ...


They are called primitive data types. (This is a pretty basic find in Wikipedia's article on data types.)


Since this issue is still not quite clear even now in 2019, and it might help new ML-Learners choose, here is a very good image showing the differences: (localisation is the bounding box around the "sheep" class, after a classification of the image has been done) source:

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