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Perhaps this is a reference to Cobham's thesis Usually the word used is "feasible" though.


There is no one true answer. It depends on context. The most common context is one where polynomial-time is taken as more or less synonymous with efficient, so if you had no further context, I would certainly guess "polynomial time". Polylogarithmic time is used only in very narrow contexts. In general, if you think your audience might not be sure about ...


Well as their name goes distributed computing operates over a large network and parallel computing performs different operations in tandem. Where in an output of one network, can be an input of another network. Parallel computing is not considered to be effective at scaling operations, that is what distributed computing is there for. But parallel computing ...


Memoization is the technique to "remember" the result of a computation, and reuse it the next time instead of recomputing it, to save time. It does not care about the properties of the computations. Dynamic programming is the research of finding an optimized plan to a problem through finding the best substructure of the problem for reusing the computation ...


Heuristics or Heuristic value(s) are the approximations for your problem to reach the answer(goal). Let's say you have an algorithm that finds the shortest path from point A to Z. Now, if you go by predictions you may get lost as there're several other points in between your start & final position. For an analogy, let's say you are traveling in a city, ...


I understand "to bail out" as to give up permanently; "to back out" is to give up some track, possibly to try something else.

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