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How does TLC check liveness properties?

Presumably it can check any "liveness" property that that can be formulated in LTL. A "liveness" property is typically described as a property stating that "something good eventually happens". This is ...
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Topological/metric space formed by behaviors of distributed system: Safety and Liveness

The standard reference for the topological characterisation is Bowen Alpern and Fred B. Schneider. Defining liveness. Information Processing Letters, 21(4): 181–185, October 1985. One notable ...
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1 vote

How to collect all states of a behavior in TLA+?

An answer from Stephan Merz at tlaplus-googlegroup: In a linear-time framework such as TLA+, a system satisfies a property if the property holds of all system behaviors, and from your description it ...
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