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In computability and complexity, finding mappings between problems that allow solving one problem using a solution of another one. For reduction in programming language theory (e.g. beta-reduction), s…
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Reserved -- shouldn't be used for most new questions. Questions with a broad scope about general methods and concepts, such as proof methods, tools for algorithm analysis or basics of computer archit…
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Questions requesting papers in the literature on specific, narrow issues.
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Questions about regular expressions, a formalism to describe regular languages.
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Questions about properties of the class of regular languages and individual languages.
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the study of relations (i.e., database tables) and relational operators (join, selection, projection, etc.) as a kind of algebraic structure.
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Rice's Theorem states that any (non-trivial) property of Turing machines is undecidable.
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Questions about methods for estimating the increase in runtime of an algorithm as the input size increases.
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Creating samples from a well-specified population using a probabilistic method and/or producing random numbers from a specified distribution.
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the problem of determining whether there is a variable assignment that fulfills a given Boolean formula.
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Questions regarding solver programs for the boolean satisfiability problem.
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Questions about the optimisation problem of ordering a set of tasks so that some objective function (e.g. makespan) is minimised. The set of constraints is crucial; in particular, there is a large bod…
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Algorithms for finding an element in some specified data-structure (most commonly, in a tree).
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A class of computational problems. Where decision problems call for a yes-or-no answer, search problems are looking for an object satisfying a certain property.
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Questions about search trees, a class of data structures used for storing sorted data for efficient access.
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Questions about matters of computer, software and communication security, that is how to protect systems against attacks.