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Research on methods and techniques to ensure the utility and quality of software systems through design and development processes.
96 questions
Questions about methods and techniques to prove correctness of programs.
104 questions
the algorithmic problem of ordering a set of elements with respect to some ordering relation.
Asymptotic analyses of the space needed to run algorithms.
387 questions
The spanning tree of a connected undirected graph G is a tree having all the vertices and some number of edges of G.
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a Last In First Out (LIFO) data structure. A common use of stacks is to store subroutine arguments and return addresses.
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Streaming reads the data once, in sequence.
40 questions
problems where given a sting / a set of strings, the goal is to compute a string satisfying given constraints (usually resulting from input string(s) by adding, removi…
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Use for generic string matching that may be exact substring matching (though then prefer the tag `exact-string-matching`), may be matching to a regular expression, or may be approximate matching (e.g.…
39 questions
Questions about different distance metrics on strings.
56 questions
Questions about sequences of symbols, sets thereof and their properties as well as uses.
398 questions
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Questions about algorithms related to subsequences, or about properties of subsequences.
83 questions
Questions about the NP-complete problem Subset Sum.
70 questions
Questions about algorithms related to substrings, or about properties of substrings.
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a puzzle that requires filling a 3x3 grid of 3x3 sub-grids in a way that each column, row and sub-grid contains every digit from 1 to 9.
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Questions about Support Vector Machines. SVMs are supervised learning models used for classification and regression tasks.
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