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Questions about Turing machines, a theoretical model of mechanical computation capable of simulating any computer program.
verifying that a variable, expression or value has the declared type
96 questions
13 questions
formal systems to specify properties of objects
455 questions
type systems of programming languages
49 questions
Questions about problems which cannot be solved by any Turing machine.
Questions about the abstract data structure Union-Find (also called disjoint-set) and its realizations.
40 questions
The VC dimension (for Vapnik–Chervonenkis dimension) is a measure of the capacity (complexity, expressive power, richness, or flexibility) of a statistical classification algorithm, defined as the car…
37 questions
19 questions
Questions about techniques for providing the appearance of an isolated, contiguous address space to each process. The size of the address spaces may be made to appear larger than the size of main mem…
127 questions
0 questions
Questions about graphs in which every edge is associated with a weight.
Questions about combinatorics on languages of words, that is how many sequences of symbols with certain properties there are.
41 questions
37 questions
a formal language for modelling computer systems.
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