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A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

× 93
A class of computational problems. Where decision problems call for a yes-or-no answer, search problems are looking for an object satisfying a certain property.
× 92
Theory of dynamic processes with several competing actors that try to achieve some goal in a strategic way.
× 92
Questions about methods and techniques to prove correctness of programs.
× 90
Questions about techniques for enforcing an agreed order of events between several concurrently executing threads. Specific synchronization mechanisms include mutexes (locks), condition variables, se…
× 85
Using a computer to implement mathematics. For questions about (mathematical) optimization, (also) use the optimization tag.
× 85
a famous special case of the boolean satisfiability problem (SAT).
× 83
A method in analysis of algorithms that considers the overall cost of a sequence of operations.
× 83
Questions about algorithms that deterministically generate sequences of numbers that have stochastic properties of random sequences.
× 81
Questions about the relation of (subfields of) computer science to the relevant mathematical foundations and their application.
× 80
equal to the length of the shortest program computing s and halting. Measures the lack of structure in a string.
× 79
Research on methods and techniques to ensure the utility and quality of software systems through design and development processes.
× 78
Questions on how to represent real-world or non computer science problems with computer science tools.
× 77
Creating samples from a well-specified population using a probabilistic method and/or producing random numbers from a specified distribution.
× 77
Model checking refers to the following problem: given a model of a system, test automatically whether this model meets a given specification.
× 73
Questions about normal forms in various contexts, for example normal forms of context-free grammars (Chomsky normal form, Greibach normal form), of formulas (conjunctive normal form, disjunctive norma…
× 73
a collection of disjoint sets whose union yields A.
× 72
Questions about algorithms related to substrings, or about properties of substrings.
× 70
Questions about matters of computer, software and communication security, that is how to protect systems against attacks.
× 70
Questions about memory-management techniques where the computer manages and transfers data between main memory and secondary storage in pages -- discrete chunks of a fixed size. Operating systems oft…
× 70
An overlapping feature of type theory and type systems.