Cale McCollough

I got into SDK development in 2003 at Lane Community College in 2003 and got into computer engineering at Portland State University in 2010. I design and manufacture the following music, lighting, and Internet of Things (IoT) hardware and software products:

  • Script2 - Searle's Chinese Room, Interprocess, and Telemetry (SCRIPT) Specification, (Script) is an object-oriented software-defined networking protocol for creating ad-hoc self-evolving IoT networks. It can be described as a byte encoded version of Open Sound Control (OSC) with compression that can handle a lot more messages. Using Script developers can easily create higher-level ad-hoc network APIs using a cross-language embedded-friendly abstract object stack with virtually unlimited function parameters and lambda function return results that may change at runtime.

  • Kabuki Toolkit - An Apache 2.0 Licensed cross-platform software and firmware toolkit with Embedded-C++1x core with DLL-friendly Google Angle graphics API for making just about anything. Kabuki Toolkit contains a compliant Script implementation built on top of some of the best commercial friendly opensource libraries available on the internet all formatted using the Google C++ Style Guide.

  • Symmetry Live Universal Controller Series - A series of Script, DMX, and MIDI controllers with optional integrated audio interfaces USB 3.0 hubs, and upgradable digital signal and effects processors. Symmetry Live controllers have powerful cross-platform touchscreen widgets for controlling all of your music, lighting, and IoT products and processing live audio effects and instruments ala Symmetry Station.

  • Symmetry Station Universal Control Center - A free cross-platform universal controller app with online community store and cloud storage service. Symmetry Station runs in the system tray and provides super nifty popup sticky widgets and console tools for managing projects and controlling music, lighting, and IoT products. Symmetry Station is powered by Kabuki Toolkit so users can sell their cross-platform plugins and art in the Symmetry Station Community Market. Cloud storage service provides revision control over your projects and free storage for royalty-free shared library assets.

  • AnyLED - A series of Script and DMX compliant universal LED light controllers that can control both PWN and individually addressable LEDs.

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