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Can there be a perfect chess algorithm?
Accepted answer
13 votes

Your question is akin to the old chestnut: "What happens when an irresistible force meets an immovable object?" The problem is in the question itself: the two entities as described cannot exist in ...

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Using Clique decision to solve Clique optimization
Accepted answer
5 votes

You would use binary search. Start with the lower bound being 3 and the upper bound $n$, where $n$ is the number of vertices. Call your clique decision oracle with a $k$ value halfway between the ...

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How can we reduce variables when converting from 3-SAT to 4-SAT?
2 votes

The paper Effective Preprocessing in SAT through Variable and Clause Elimination covers the variable elimination techniques used in Minisat. Broadly, variables can be eliminated by Substitution, in ...

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Supporting data structures for SAT local search
Accepted answer
9 votes

The needed data structure is an occur list, a list for each variable containing the clauses the variable occurs in. These lists are built once, when the CNF is first read. They are used in steps 3 ...

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Is there a difference between top-down and bottom-up dynamic programming?
31 votes

To use the bottom up method you need to be able to efficiently determine what the "bottom" is, which usually means you need a heavily constrained problem space. If you know what the lowest level ...

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