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Male | 37 | San Francisco, Ca.


Welcome to my Humble Stack Exchange Abode!

I am "Ajay, Andrew-Jay Chambers Jr.", obviously people just call me Ajay (as in A.J.). Online I use the tag-names "JAYDEV", "JAYD3V" & "JD3V", however; If a site permits it — most sites don't — I use "JΛYDΞV".

I write software & build houses to pay the bills. Yes, I am a carpenter & a software developer. Software is starting to take up so much of my time that being a carpenter is quickly becoming my hobby. It use to be the other way around. Either way I enjoy to build structures using concrete & lumber. I also love to build systems using Java or TypeScript.

My Latest Project: Currently I am working on a Z690 Intel 12th 12900K custom DIY water cooled PC I am building. Currently waiting for AMD's latest RX 7900 XTX GPU to release, so I don't have to buy one of NVIDIA's over priced 40 series cards.

OTHER PROJECTS: Something else I am doing is migrating my home database from an online cloud database to a RHEL Apache server that uses MariaDB. Building a GUI frontend so my family can easily use the database, as well as the 14TB of Hard-drive space available so they don't have to pay apple to store their stuff.

Anyhow, I will probably update my profile, as I often do in a few months with a set of new projects.
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