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Noir Night…

Curling smoke, old cigar,

Dusty ashtray, familiar bar,

Hey barkeep, one last shot,

She meanders, slowly towards me,

Nickel in the jukebox slot,

Pay the tab, slip outside,

Misty darkness, distance hide,

Footsteps echo, slowly fade into black,

Haze of street lamp, dark of shade,

Pitter patter, starts to rain,

Reminded of familiar pain,

Trench coat on, fedora top,

Wetly walking, pass bus stop,

Turn on Main Street, neon lights,

Street reflection, just as bright,

On the sidewalk, pass the hustle,

Skirt the park, tall trees rustle,

To the building, few yards away,

Place to work, place to stay,

Unlock door, up the stairs,

Busy janitor, unawares,

Slip in office, close the door,

peer out window, at the shore,

In the distance, city lights,

Shadows walking, in the night,

Coat and hat, hang on rack, Stretching yawn, kink in back,

Loosen tie, shoes on floor,

pour a nightcap, lock the door,

Open file, in desk lamp light,

Pink neon lights, penetrates my windows...

Turn the light out, this is not the night,

Hello desk, meet my face,

Tomorrow is another case.

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