I am familiar with Java, Haskell, HTML, CSS. I enjoy writing code, finding solutions and running.

Short Highlight list. - QAE at Amazon.com - SDE at discovershowgo.com - Java 3 years (OO) - Haskell 2 years (Functional) - HTML & CSS & JavaScript - Formal Language theory and Program Language Design theory

Other Websites include github and linkedin

I am a Software Development Engineer 'FOR HIRE'. I will use the skills that I have learned in a team setting on production level programming and it would be great if I were to have the opportunity to learn a new language (e.g Ruby, C#). I have a background in Computer Science Theory, including programming languages. I can teach myself any language as needed, e.g. Ruby, JavaScript, C#, etc. In particular, my understanding and scholarship in OO programming is directly transferable to other OO languages.