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My career has been an interesting journey, and my university education helped me take my knowledge farther. I have had the pleasure of working in various industries and have gained valuable knowledge and insight into different domains. My programming and framework experience includes C#/, PHP, Python, MySQL, HTML, CSS & Javascript, Bootstrap, JQuery, Entity Framework Core. I have worked in eCommerce, SaaS and solar industries. I have hands-on programming experience with video and image processing, PDF generation, complex search functionality, SMS/MMS automation, mapping and geospatial functionality, and many other areas. I have a particular interest in utilizing functional features in OOP-oriented languages and very much enjoy programming associated with visual animations. Seven years of my employment involved working under the direction supervision of the CEO, which has helped me grow as a professional.

I was born and raised in Southern California. My computer programming interest surfaced in high school when I bought a TI-83+ graphing calculator. I installed programs on it, and became interested in knowing how to program the calculator myself. I spent about a month reading the TI Basic programming manual and coded my first text-based RPG. I showed it to friends and family and the positive feedback I received encouraged me to continue toward the path of computer science.

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