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Can a Boolean circuit be considered an algorithm?
1 votes

I don't think so, because when we think of algorithms (say as Turing machines), they allow the input to be any size. However, a family of circuits can $\mathcal C = \{C_n \ | \ n \in \mathbb N\}$, ...

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Does proofs are programs apply to any functional program?
0 votes

The Curry-Howard correspond is an observation that the structure of type systems mirrors the structure of logics, specifically propositions. Under this view, we can see similarities between an ...

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Compute equality comparison without comparison operators
0 votes

Since all arithmetic operations return an integer, and the result of an equality comparison must be a boolean, this is clearly impossible. Edit for updated question: This should do the trick in C: ...

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Relationship between an NP-hard problems with the subsets of them?
-2 votes

Your question is worded very awkwardly, but I think what you're asking is "If we have a language $\mathcal L$ and we know there exists $\mathcal L' \subset \mathcal L$ such that $\mathcal L'$ is $NP$-...

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