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10 votes

Why are so many internet protocols text-based?

9 votes

Why do logic gates behave the way they do?

9 votes

How does the linker know where to look for a function implementation in C++?

8 votes

Programming language where every expression makes sense

5 votes

How was the ALU implemented in the first computer (i.e., Babbage's analytical engine)?

4 votes

Is there a way to test "Turing completeness"?

4 votes

Paradox? Pure Prolog is Turing-complete and yet incapable of expressing list intersection?

3 votes

How is clock syncing implemented?

1 vote

What is the difference between "use case" and "function"?

0 votes

Is there a theoretical foundation behind CSS?

-1 votes

Could Gödel’s incompleteness theorem be circumvented with a quine?