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Is Morse code without spaces uniquely decipherable?
11 votes

Morse Code is actually a ternary code, not a binary code, so the spaces are necessary. If spaces were not there, a lot of ambiguity would result, not so much with the entire message, but with ...

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Is the simulation of how a warehouse functions (eg Amazon) a discrete event simulation problem
Accepted answer
4 votes

Like many real-world models, this type of situation can be modeled both continuously and discretely. For example, if you defined the problem as a series of equations defining the rates at which items ...

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Where does the process reside in memory?
3 votes

A process is not a single data structure. In the Windows operating system, for example, a running process has a number of different structures in its memory including a copy of its PE header and its ...

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How are games like chess provably harder than NP?
-3 votes

Usually running time analysis is applied to algorithms, not applications. It is possible there is some as-yet undiscovered algorithm that solves chess in polynomial time. The reference to chess being ...

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