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I am a Senior Software Developer with 20+ years of experience helping startups and small to midsized businesses fill in the gaps in their teams and push cutting-edge technology forward. If you have an out-of-the-box idea to implement, I am your man.

I am most experienced with PHP, SQL, JavaScript, AWS, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Linux, LAMP and SQL Server. I have also worked on projects in Laravel, Ruby on Rails, Vue.js, NodeJS, Python, C++, and Java. I have been working on the full stack for most of my work experience. I am also strong in relational database design. I am experienced at learning new emerging technologies on the job quickly.

What sets me apart from most other developers are my business and interpersonal communication skills. I am happy to interact with users and stakeholders at all levels: blue-collar factory workers, white-collar office workers, CEOs and company owners, to gather requirements and develop project scope. I am happy to write business documents, technical documents, and user manuals written at a level the intended audience can understand. I also have experience leading presentations and group training sessions.

On most past jobs, I used critical thinking and judgment to make design decisions about the user interface (UI) to make the user experience (UX) intuitive and user-friendly. I am experienced at gathering requirements from clients, users and stakeholders and translating those into a product scope and technical project scope before implementing the project. Once the requirements are gathered, I am typically the one doing the hands-on implementation myself or assisting hands-on with a team of other developers to create the software code.

I thrive most when working in innovative, agile, fast-paced, open, and collaborative work environments. I have worked 10+ years for startup companies creating bleeding-edge software that pushed the limits of what was possible to do with the current technology of the time. My variety of experience makes me a "jack-of-all-trades" since I am used to "wearing many hats" in fast-growing startups, small companies and midsized companies.

I have a strong personal interest in working with companies or organizations that are helping people grow and become better people and/or enriching the lives of people in a positive way and/or doing good things in the world.

For a detailed list of my work experience, please visit my LinkedIn Profile

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