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How/when is calculus used in Computer Science?
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I can think of a few courses that would need Calculus, directly. I have used bold face for the usually obligatory disciplines for a Computer Science degree, and italics for the usually optional ones. ...

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Reference introductory books or articles to Game Semantics
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I know three introductions that may satisfy your criteria. All of them will use some Category Theory, but the first one (by Jürjens) is actually quite light on that side -- he actually defines what ...

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Explanation of a simple algorithm's Big O complexity
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The inner loop is $O(\sqrt{i})$, you are correct. Since $i\leq n$, then $\sqrt{i}\leq \sqrt{n}$, and we have $n\times\sqrt{i}\leq n\times\sqrt{n}$. Hence the complexity is $O(n\sqrt{n})$.

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