Right now, I'm a full-time student taking college courses to major in Computer Science, and have been dabbling with programming for years on and off. I recently finally decided to get back in it full Swing (pun not originally intended :D) now that I'm back in college. My classes have been in Java, so that's what I'm focusing on, although I'll obviously also want to learn much more about C++ and Python. I've also started working on more in Haskell.

Other than that, I read Fantasy and SciFi books, play the clarinet and piano, and play some video games when I have the time. I'm also really involved in my local church. And that's pretty much it! I love helping people in whatever way I can, and I look forward to getting to the point where I'll be able to help new budding programmers in the future just like I'm being helped now. :)

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