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My name is Sampson Orson Jackson. I'm a full-stack engineer with a degree in Computer Science and Information Technology and a background in backend development using .NET. I enjoy masking complexity with simplicity, modularity, readability, performance and usability. Currently, I focus on building full-stack applications with Angular and .NET.

Over the past 10 years, my experience has cut across frontend, backend, and dev-ops. I have worked with major software companies where we built a number of important software information systems for the government and private sector. My favourite is the Poda Health Information System due to size and the opportunity to work across all stages of the software development lifecycle.

My journey as a software engineer started at the backend. However, I also enjoy enhancing the user experience with code and design. This led me to become a full-stack engineer.

I enjoy playing video games, swimming, photography, traveling, and generating creative ideas.

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May 1, 2021