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Architecture astronaut, Coq blocker, μDijkstra, Fuzzing afficionado, whatever word people like to use these days for someone who says that their code is wrong in a subtle but fatal way, which could have been prevented by writing it in the shape of a five-dimensional pentagram. In the center lies a Klein bottle filled with the blood of the problem space chopped into discrete hypercubes by simplifying cuts. All lines go through math i.e. the pentagram is convex.

Creative writing aside, I don't advocate theory just for the sake of it. Appropriately used it allows one to see the a solution outside the limitations of the programming environment currently used.

For whatever reason I have very consistently enjoyed reading about and implementing physics simulation and computer graphics throughout my life.

I deeply loathe the JVM for no particular reason.

I like teaching programming, and taught kids for several years.

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