Zach McCormick is a contractor/consultant who largely works with Python/Django and Celery to build web apps, mobile apps, and CRM/ERP systems, but gained extensive experience with Android/mobile cybersecurity and operating system design while at Optio Labs and architecture/implementation experience in financial "big data" while at CircleUp. His primary areas of expertise are analytical systems (machine learning, data mining, etc.) and web applications (Python, Node).

Zach graduated from Vanderbilt University with a BS in Computer Science and Mathematics in 2013. He has been involved in multiple academic and commercial research projects involving concurrent and networked systems and/or Android at both Vanderbilt University and at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. Aside from that, he has gained a considerable wealth of experience from independent consulting projects, such as examining Android cybersecurity, building frameworks for ad-hoc wireless piconets, blending mobile apps with digital medical devices, and more.

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