naoki fujita

I'm a holiday programmer, not a professional. My skill to write English is poor, but I have already been aware that simple expression is important and universal. Lisp teaches me this importance.

favorite languages: python, clojure

the reason why I like these language: these has light syntax. these are purpose-oriented. these are well designed. these are almost declarative.

the languages that I can read (or that I have already forgotten):javascript,Common Lisp,C#,Java,Fortran,C,ruby,OCaml,haskell (the leftmost can read well,and the rightmost must be forgotten)

I'm interested in: HPC(high performance computing) for statistical analysis. how to manage CAD drawing data objects to design products efficiently.

With programming, I want to: master the management technique of information.

my belief: Well design makes well management, well management reduces cost and saves time, Reducing cost and saving time gives us liberty. Liberty is the only reason to work.

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