I have a set of points in a 2D plane. I'm searching for an algorithm that:

  • Draws a continuous line passing through all the points starting from a random point.
  • Optimizes for the minimum total line length in Euclidean distance.
  • The line should end at the point it started but not cross any other point more than once.

In plain terms, suppose we had a paper with N dots on it. We'd take a pencil starting from a random point and try to go through all the points without lifting the pencil and conclude by reaching the point we started at.

I looked into Euclidian minimum spanning tree, but what I'm looking for is a closed loop and not a graph-tree like line. What I'd like in approximation is a Convex Hull that would go through all the points and not just form the perimeter.

Can someone direct me to the right family of algorithms?


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Turns out what I'm looking for is the Travelling salesman problem.

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