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Relational calculus to SQL

I am somewhat aware of the correspondence between (tuple and domain) relational calculus, relational algebra, and SQL. To the best of my understanding, one should be able to automatically convert a ...
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Tuple relational calculus: existential quantifiers

Let me concentrate, as you asked, on section $(\exists d)(\exists t)(\cdots)$. In case when one part of conjuction is "not depend" on letter under existence quantifier, holds $$(\exists d)(A ...
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Need help understanding the tuple relational calculus

From Wikipedia: A tuple is of the form $T=(D,R,h)$ where $D$ is the domain, $R$ is a set of relation names, and $h$ is a mapping that associates a column name to each relation in $R$. To represent a ...
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Whether same output is obtained for the two queries

where Eid field is empty. What do you mean by "empty"? Perhaps you mean 'null'? What words exactly does your "solution manual" use? "empty" or "null"? If the Eid ...
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Use of existential quantifier in tuple relational calculus

Something like { | ... } is shorthand for something like {z : (name) | (∃c) ( = ^ ...) }. As described ...
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