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Questions tagged [power-consumption]

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The definitions of terms in $P=CV^2f$

My textbook gives the equation for the power dissipation $$ P=CV^2 f $$ but after reading it a couple times, I can't get very clear on exactly what each of these is measuring. It describes $P$ as the ...
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Estimate which components to replace, to not only save electric energy but also improve the computer's performance

Faster CPUs solve the same computational problems in shorter time frames. The same applies to faster GPUs. Therefore, replacing with faster components can reduce the computer's power consumption. On ...
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Does writing more data to disk consume more energy than writing less?

As the title says, I am wondering if writing more data (i.e. larger files) to disk (e.g. Tablet SSDs) will consume more energy than smaller files. My expected answer is "yes, because larger files ...
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Finding a Good Estimate for Amount of Time Computers Spend Sorting Lists of What Lengths?

I have an assignment to envision and calculate the possible effects the implementation of a general sorting algorithm that is O(n) time and O(1) space ( assuming general case ) would have on ...
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Is there a way to access hard drives while computer sleeps?

Is there any way at all possible or possible with hardware (aside from a NAS) to access hard drives while the computer is in a low power mode such as sleep (aside from WOL)? For example, can I log ...
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How advanced is the study of mathematically determining computational power comsumption?

I was thinking about how effective it would be to calculate the number of CPU instructions a section of code would have and then trying to estimate the energy cost for a program. But I was curious if ...
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where should I begin : I need to predict power consumption of a household?

I have the power consumption values of a household for 2 year. To preserve privacy I am down sampling this data before sending it to the utility company. My goal is to get back the original data from ...
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What is the most power/energy efficient sorting algorithm?

I am writing a Android phone application that needs to be very power efficient, and I would like to use the most power efficient sorting algorithm. I will implement it in C for extra power efficiency. ...
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What techniques exist for energy-efficient computing and networking?

I am currently reviewing the potentials of cloud computing regarding energy efficiency and green IT. In connection with this review I am having a look on techniques for increasing energy-efficiency in ...
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Is there an abstract machine that can capture power consumption?

When reporting algorithmic complexity of an algorithm, one assumes the underlying computations are performed on some abstract machine (e.g. RAM) that approximates a modern CPU. Such models allow us to ...
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