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Questions tagged [gate-cs]

Use this tag when your question is about questions that appear in the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) for Computer Science and Information Technology (code "CS"). Check whether your question is on-topic. For example, questions about programming in some particular language should be posted to other sites such as

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Regarding Logical Addressing in Segmented Paging Architecture

We know that segments can be divided into pages and it has its own page table ..... Likewise paging can be incorporated into the segment table and it'll be associated with its own page tables ...... ...
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Remove left recursion from a grammar without necessarily removing epsilon production

Consider the grammar $$S →Aa∣b$$ $$A →Ac∣Sd∣ϵ$$ Construct an equivalent grammar with no left recursion and with minimum number of production rules. $\tag {GATE-CS-1998}$ While solving this question, ...
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how ambiguity of following grammar cant be decidable?

SO According to question grammar should be like this (A -> AA ). ->So i learn that if grammar is left and right recursive both then that grammar must be ambiguous but here the answer is deferent....
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What are the maximum possible values of X and Y?

30 buses are used to transport 2000 passengers. Each bus has 80 seats and each passenger will occupy exactly one seat. Consider the following statement: At least X buses will carry at least 67 ...
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Arguing that $L= \{a^n | n\geq 0\} \cup \{a^nb^n| n\geq 0\}$ is not $LL(k)$ for any $k$

Consider the language $L= \{a^n \mid n\geq 0\} \cup \{a^nb^n\mid n\geq 0\}$ and the following statements. $\quad\quad\text{I. }L$ is deterministic context-free. $\quad\quad\text{II. }L$ is context-...
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Compiler Design Question

$\text{Consider the following ANSI C code:}$ int main(){ Integer x; return 0; } $\text{What will be the type of error?}$ $\text{a) Lexical}$, $\text{b) Syntax}$, ...
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Difficulty in understanding the concept of operand forward in pipeling and when to use split phase

Given below is a question from $\text{GATE } 2015 \text{ CS}$ paper, Consider the sequence of machine instruction given below: \begin{array}{ll} \text{MUL} & \text{R5, R0, R1} \\ \text{DIV} &...
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Distance Vector Routing Example

Consider a network with five nodes, N1 to N5, as shown as below. The network uses a Distance Vector Routing protocol. Once the routes have been stabilized, the distance vectors at different nodes are ...
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